Will the New Movie ‘The Mountain Between Us’ Point Viewers to Christ?

Will the New Movie 'The Mountain Between Us' Point Viewers to Christ?

The author of the story behind the new movie that opened last weekend, The Mountain Between Us says his goal with it, as with all of his stories, is to lead the audience to Jesus. Charles Martin, a devout Christian, says his approach is subtle, however, not “agenda driven,” which he says is the case with many “Christian Fiction” tales. The movie is based on Martin’s book sharing the same name. New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin also wrote Where the River Ends and 11 other books.

The movie is about a photojournalist, played by Kate Winslet ( Titanic ) and a neurosurgeon, played by Idris Elba ( Pacific Rim ) who survive a plane crash, only to find themselves injured and stranded in perilous weather on a mountain. They must rely on each other to survive. In the process, they bless one another in a number of instances.

Martin said he got the idea for The Mountain Between Us after getting stuck briefly in a blizzard while hiking, then later flying over a mountain range in a small plane. And he said it reflects his own love for his wife.

He said he considers it an appealing story because, like most of his writings, it revolves around sinful people who repent. “For me, it’s being a character that is flawed and broken with whom you can empathize and appreciate their brokenness,” he said, “Then, you watch them authentically and honestly walk out of brokenness. That is redemptive, and that is a good story.”

Martin said his stories are not overtly Christian in nature, but says he hopes they will help lead his audience to Christ nonetheless. “My stories point people to Jesus, and hopefully, He will then reveal Himself to them.”

Photo Credit: IMDB