AFFIRM Films Announce Paul, Apostle of Christ is in Production

Paul, Apostle of Christ Film in Production

AFFIRM Films have announced that an inspirational drama titled Paul, Apostle of Christ is now in produced, with a 2018 release date.

Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ), James Faulkner (“Game of Thrones”), Olivier Martinez (SWAT), Joanne Whalley (“A.D. The Bible Continues”) and John Lynch (The Secret Garden) are staring in the film.

“Next to Jesus, no one played a more central role in the growth of early church than the Apostle Paul,” said AFFIRM Films Executive Vice President Rich Peluso. “He wrote a vast swath of the New Testament and traveled more than 10,000 miles by foot to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This gripping film dives deep into the final months before Paul’s execution under Nero as he reconciles his faith with his past persecution of the church.”

The movie is written and directed by Andrew Hyatt (Full of Grace). Produced by David Zelon (Soul Surfer) and TJ Berden (Full of Grace).

Paul, Apostle of Christ is scheduled to be released in US theatres on March 28th, 2018.