Shawn Quintero’s New Book Helps Guide Christian Entrepreneur’s to Online Wealth


Online Wealth for the Christian Entrepreneur: Your Ultimate Guide To Building A Profitable Business & Ministry

Discover How To Create An Online Business That Generates Income & Impact. Online Wealth for the Christian Entrepreneur teaches you exactly how to build a successful online business. Discover the hidden insider secrets that allows you to…

  • Become the go-to expert in your industry by creating extraordinary content that grabs (& keeps) your audience’s attention…
  • Focus on profit first by developing your core offer…
  • Build systems that automate most to all of your work – giving you maximum freedom of time & money…
  • And cultivate a community of raving buyers ready to buy everything you have to offer…

…Also included are in-depth templates, step-by-step instructions and word-for-word scripts to help you get started immediately!

About the Author

Shawn Quintero is an author, coach, international speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of WealthierU.

He teaches Christian Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Ministry Leaders how to use the internet to maximize their impact, produce wealth and live greater lives of generosity.

Shawn is passionate about empowering Christian entrepreneurs to live their greatest day every day.

He’s personally spent thousands of hours coaching surgeons, Hollywood actors, entrepreneurs, political candidates, coaches, pastors (and even the homeless) to greater levels of success and has seen people do things they never thought possible.

For more than 10 years, Shawn has had the opportunity to work with industry leaders and top influencers in both business and ministry and loves taking on a challenge bigger than himself.

He is blessed to be an international speaker, author, coach, digital marketer and founder of WealthierU.

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What people say about Shawn:

“Shawn has a unique eye for creative and effective marketing that exceeds the standards of today’s market! He is one of the few remarkably talented marketing professionals whose work rivals top productions from Fortune 500 companies – by connecting with the market in an unparalleled way.” – Rachel Pedersen | Founder of Social Media University

“If you are looking for a strong, reliable Christian coach, someone who can really take you and your online business to the next level, you NEED to speak to Shawn…” – Samuel Leeds | Founding Director of Training Kings

“Shawn’s dedication to his craft, clients and most importantly, God is unparalleled. He is a master at online marketing and engagement and puts service first, always leading with value. You will be hard pressed to find another entrepreneur like Shawn…” – Isaura Gonzalez | Founder of Latina Mastermind

“Shawn is a larger than life man of God that lights up the room with his radiant energy. He has incredible insight into the digital marketing world, is cutting edge with his methods and has been a strategic influence in the growth of my companies…” – Jaime Cross | Founder of The HER Effect