Hillsong ‘Let Hope Rise’ Movie Out Now on DVD

Hillsong – Let Hope Rise Out Now on DVD in US

Hillsong ‘Let Hope Rise’ movie has been released on DVD and Blu Ray across the US and is also available on Digital HD.

Hillsong – Let Hope Rise is a fantastic documentary taking you behind the scenes and giving a glimpse of the band members lives, but it is more than that, it is what they set out to achieve – a theatrical worship experience. This film will have you singing along, worshipping God, it has the potential to change lives and will point people to Jesus. Click here to read our full review.

The DVD and Blu Ray contain bonus features including The Church Behind The Movie and bonus performances of Scandal of Grace, Open Seas, Wake and The Stand.

The film which gained an A CinemaScore during its release, captures the on-stage energy and off-stage hearts of Hillsong United, chronicling the humble beginnings and the unlikely rise to prominence of the band. The music of Hillsong is so popular it is estimated that on any given Sunday, more than 50 million churchgoers around the world are singing their songs.

The band is made up of 11 members, whom are all volunteers or employees of Hillsong Church is led by Joel Houston, son of the founders of Hillsong, Brian and Bobbie Houston. The band also includes: Taya Smith, JD, Matt Crocker, Jad Gillies, Dylan Thomas, Michael Guy Chislett, Benjamin Tennikoff, Simon Kobler and Adam Crosarial.