Film Review: The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

Film Review: The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (Theatrical)

Film Review: The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (Theatrical)

Written by: Kelly Meade (1/17/2017)

We all make mistakes & have to face the consequences of our choices. The title character in The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is no stranger to this process of life.

Gavin Stone is a former child star who lost his way once his fame faded as he was unable to find work. After getting into trouble that led to his arrest, the washed-up actor is told he needs to perform 200 hours of community service.

Gavin is assigned to serve his hours working at a church in his hometown. This also brings him to his childhood home where his father still resides, though their relationship is a rocky one.

During his time at the church, Gavin stumbles upon auditions for their Easter production of the Bible. Seeing this as an opportunity to work off his service hours by participating in the play, he is determined to make it happen. When the pastor tells him that everyone involved must be a Christian, Gavin claims to be saved so he is allowed to audition for the role of Jesus. The pastor’s daughter Kelly, who is in charge of assigning the roles, is a bit wary of Gavin’s interest in the play. After a conversation with her father, she decides to give the actor a chance with the part.

Throughout rehearsals, Gavin is challenged multiple times as he attempts to fill the role both in the production and as a Christian. After googling several tips on “how to be a Christian”, he attends a service at the church though his intentions are more to impress Kelly than to genuinely learn about faith.

As the film unfolds, Gavin befriends three of the men who are cast as Jesus’ disciples. While his motives are self-promoting at first, he starts to show moments of true compassion towards them. The more time Gavin spends at the church and around the people there, he begins to realize there is something deeper going on than simply fulfilling his hours.

When faced with the decision to see things through with the church production beyond his required hours or accept a job that could potentially restart his acting career in Hollywood, he must choose between the commitment he has already made to the church and reverting to his selfish ways. Gavin’s decision is one that has a profound effect on his life as he discovers what is truly important.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone balances a comedic aspect while portraying the message of God’s grace. At the heart of this enjoyable film is a story of redemption showing the change that takes place in someone’s life when they are willing to set aside their ego & pride allowing God to fill them with His love.