Q. What is Christian Artist Expo?

A. Christian Artist Expo celebrates the Christian artists that bring us the products we love! The focus is on the authors, musicians, actors, designers, etc. that provide the Christian books, apps, apparel, movies and music that entertain, educate and enlighten us. The Christian Artist Expo platform is designed to bring together Christian artists and their consumers with news, exclusive content, promotions and new release announcements.

Q. How does an artist or product qualify for Christian Artist Expo?

A. Christian Artist Expo exists to connect the public with artists that are inspired by the grace of Jesus Christ and/or wish to glorify God through their work. This is not a formal ministry so we wish to keep the rules and requirements simple. However, we understand the responsibility to ensure the artists and their products are true to the core beliefs of Christianity. The background of the artist may not always be known, so we attempt to only include artists that believe in these three beliefs:

  • The Bible, without alteration or amendment, is the only perfect Word of God, divinely inspired by God Himself, as the authority for life.
  • God, the Creator, is the one righteous, wise, omnipotent, eternal, and holy God who exists in three eternal and distinct persons: Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit, all of which are equal in power and glory.
  • God through his mercy, love and grace sent his one and only son, Jesus Christ, to pay the wages of our sins and it is only through faith in Jesus that we may be given eternal life.

If you have any questions or complaints on anything listed on Christian Artist Expo, please use the Contact form to send us a message about the artist or product in question.  Please do the same if you have a artist or product you would like to recommend for Christian Artist Expo.  We will review and investigate all questions, complaints and suggestions thoroughly. We reserve the right to take any action, including adding or removing artist listings and posts from this site, without notice, cause or explanation.

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