Author Lisa Bevere Teaches Kids What Bravery Looks Like in New Children’s Book

Christian Author Lisa Bevere Teaches Kids What Bravery Actually Looks Like in New Children's Book

International Christian speaker and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere is teaching kids how to be brave in her first children’s book, Lizzy the Lioness.

The story follows the daily adventures of Lizzy, a small lion cub who learns sometimes the bravest thing to do is admit when you’re weak and ask for help.

“In this day and age, our children are sometimes seeing things that they don’t know how to navigate,” Bevere explained in a video post on Facebook. “We, as parents and grandparents, need to have these conversations with them so that they can bring their concerns to us.”

When the lioness Lizzy, who is named after Bevere’s granddaughter Elizabeth, realizes she can’t overcome her obstacles alone, she then turns to others for help.

“I wanted children to know that no matter how little they are, nobody can take their voice away from them,” Bevere says. “Sometimes the most courageous thing they can do is ask for help.”

The news about Lizzy the Lioness has already gained traction on social media.

One parent posted a picture of her daughter reading the book on Instagram with a caption that reads, “This message couldn’t be more timely – for both little and big lions out there.”

Photo Credit: Lisa Bevere via Twitter