“I’m Special”: A True Story of Adversity, Family, Friendship & Faith

Author Karla Andricks’ newly released “I'm Special” is the story of a sick little girl named Karsyn, who must endure hardship after hardship.

“I’m Special”: a true story of adversity, family, friendship, and faith. “I’m Special” is the creation of published author, Karla Andricks. Karla lives in Downs, Illinois, with her husband, Brett, and their two children, Griffin and Karsyn. Karla Andricks wrote this book based on the journey she and her husband faced after their daughter was born with a rare liver condition. “I’m Special” was written to offer hope and encouragement to other individuals and families facing similar trials.

“How do you deal with adversity? You never truly know how you will handle it until you are faced with it!” –Karla Andricks

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Karla Andricks’ new book offers hope in the face of never ending adversity. Karsyn was diagnosed with a rare disease when she was just six weeks old. For eight years, she and her family dealt with never ending trials that tested their faith, stamina, and resilience. When faced with the possibility of an organ transplant, she refused to hear about it due to fear, uncertainty, and the fact that it would mean being stuck with needles again. Things changed drastically when she met Chloe.

A true story of adversity, family, friendship, and faith, this book offers hope and encouragement to all children and families facing challenges. It lets them know they are never alone in their struggles. Through it all, Karsyn realized just how “special” she was to her family, friends, and her God.

Consumers can purchase“I’m Special” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

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